Autism resources site

The Have Dreams site is a rich CMS site for an organization dedicated to triumphing with Autism. It is written on Drupal 6 that makes use of many rich content types (video, images, location), customization to support page tiering, a professional design and multi-use content.

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The Have Dreams site presented some interesting challenges. The need arose for any page to potentially be a sub-page to another, appearing on its master page as a link, or to be the master page, or BOTH! A custom site map was needed as well. The master/sub-page requirement was accomplished with a taxonomy methodology where a term with a specific format identifies that page as a master, and absent that format as a sub page. Some custom coding for creating the link from taxonomy terms as well as a view to do the master page creation completed the requirement.
A custom module was written that builds a multi-array structure dynamically from the nodes and their taxonomy terms, and then creates a user-presentable site map with indentation to match the master/sub-page layout.