There are many project methodologies and processes. We tend to use the one that works for us, but it's flexible and can be altered as needed.


Your project requirements are determined, if not yet documented, and reviewed. At this point we try to resolve ambiguities, assumptions and 'the things we don't know.'


A project service agreement is developed, which contains the functional requirements, payment terms and responsibilities.


Wire frame diagrams are produced to address the functional requirements of each page.As each wire frame is completed and approved, it becomes part of the service agreement and is used to develop a test plan, which also becomes part of the agreement, and is given to the graphic designer so that the page elements can be created. The designs are first reviewed by our UI Analyst, and then presented to you for your approval.


The design and wire frame for each page are turned into an actual web page on the development server at our office.


As each page is completed and unit tested (individual buttons, links, etc.), it is published to our testing server for testing by our Usability Engineer. At this point the page is visible to you. Following usability testing, and modifications, as needed, to address its findings, the site is ready for your testing.


The site is published on your server, and the warranty period begins.