A finished web site is a snapshot in time, and things continue to change around it. Ayen Designs offers additional services designed to meet the more frequent business needs related to a new web site.

Data entry - Adding products to your new e-commerce site catalog can be a daunting task. Our data entry service is designed to provide a low-cost solution for manual data entry, to free you from the task.

Support - Each new web site comes with a 30-day defect warranty. Following that period, there could very well still be undiscovered code defects, as well as the possibility of a errant administrative action or hacker causing damage to the site. Be prepared with a support contract.

Updates - The Drupal content management framework is lightweight, and functionality beyond the basics is via add-on modules. There are frequent updates to these modules, and to Drupal itself, and these need to be applied to your site in order to keep it safe from hackers and running error-free. The update service provides you with monthly updates, as well as a current backup of your site and database.

You can ask us questions about these services here.